Football Game 1 – Friday, September 1st

Our first halftime performance of the year!  We will also be fitting the band and guard for their Class A uniforms on Friday night.  Please read the itinerary and instructions carefully.


5:00     Uniform Fitting in the auditorium for all students except dance team

5:30     Uniform Fitting in the auditorium for the dance team

6:00     Pregame rehearsal in the parking lot

6:30     Pregame performance

7:00     Kickoff

8:15 (approx.)   Halftime performance

End of game        Come in, put equipment away, clean up, dismissal

Dress – same as EP parade

Band:  Show t-shirt, Class B shorts, black socks, Drillmaster shoes, hair out of face

Guard:  Show t-shirt, black leggings (or shorts if you wore them in the parade), black socks, guard shoes, hair out of face


-Students must be ON TIME, in uniform,  and participate fully in the entire game to receive full credit for the performance grade.

-Band students will play cheers in the stands for the entire game.  Make sure you have a folio with all of your stand music when you go out to the field.  Guard members will perform pom routines on the track for the entire game this week.  It is our role at a football game to make a positive contribution to the atmosphere and help energize the crowd.  Pay attention to the cheers that are called and perform with energy and enthusiasm.

-Cell phones are NOT permitted during the football game.  If a student is caught using a cell phone, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the game.

-Water will be available for band and guard members during the game.  Students are NOT allowed to go to concessions, have anyone go to concessions for them, or bring food of any kind.  We will NOT be eating in the brand new Class A uniforms, so we will establish these rules this week.

-Students who need to use the restroom during the game will ask a staff member for permission to leave the stands.  Please do not loiter behind the main stands on the way.

-Band and guard parents are welcome to sit in the north bleachers with the band as space allows.

-This week, any student who had a uniform problem or did not get measured in the initial fitting will be escorted inside to be fitted at some point during the game.

-At the end of the game, many hands make light work!  This week, we don’t have to worry about hanging uniforms, but please put all of your equipment away and TAKE YOUR INSTRUMENT/FLAG HOME to practice over the holiday weekend.  Please don’t leave the band or choir room in disarray.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. or Mrs. Kazin.  Let’s start the season with a great performance!