The Music Deparment car wash is this Saturday!  Your child should already have picked up a pledge sheet and should be collecting pledges.  Pledge sheets are due this Friday.  If you are a parent who is able to help, please complete the Google Form at the link below to let us know when you’ll be here.  We are in need of old towels (that you don’t care about getting back), stepstools for tall vehicles, and LOTS of willing hands!  The more cars we wash, the more profitable it will be for the kids.  If you would like to bring snacks or drinks to help keep the workers going during the day, food donations are also welcome.  (Please avoid anything with peanuts in case any of our workers have this dangerous allergy.)  Please use social media, word of mouth, message in a bottle, or whatever other publicity means you can to get those vehicles lined up for us on Saturday!

Google Form Link:

Pledge sheet (in case you didn’t get one or need another)  Car Wash Pledge sheet