Football Game – 9/7


5:00    Arrive at EP, dress in Class A Uniform

5:30    Uniform inspection in parking lot

5:45    Pregame rehearsal in the parking lot

6:15    Move to stadium

6:30   Pregame

7:00   Kickoff

8:00(approx.)   Halftime

End of game – pack up equipment , hang uniform in bag for Stagg, get a good night’s sleep!

Class A Uniform:

Band – Bibbers, jacket (with show shirt underneath), shako, plume, black CREW socks, Drillmasters

Guard Guys – Class A separates for game, costume for halftime, black CREW socks, guard shoes

Guard Girls – Class A jumpsuit for game, costume for halftime, tights that match your skin tone, appropriate undergarments (clear shoulder straps), guard shoes


-Students will be given water as necessary throughout the game.  Students are expected to play cheers and participate throughout the game.

-Students should eat dinner before they arrive; there is no eating in uniform.

-Students’ cell phones should remain in their pockets for the duration of the game.

-Students who need to use the restroom during the game should notify one of the Kazin’s when they leave and when they return.

-Performance grade is based upon punctuality, preparedness (proper uniform and equipment), and participation throughout the entire game.

Parent volunteers are needed to help move pit equipment, take care of uniform issues, and pass out water.  Parent SUPPORT is ALWAYS needed!  Come cheer on our football team, cheerleaders, dance team, and Mustang Marching Band!