Stagg Jamboree – 9/8

It’s competition time!

General Information:

-A.A. Stagg High School is located at the corner of 111th and Roberts Road in Palos Hills.  General admission to the contest is $10.  Concessions and spirit wear will be sold at this contest.

-Spectator parking is on the west side of the high school.  Parking lot entrance is off of 111th Street



11:15   Arrive at EP.  Percussion meet outside to pack, all others get into uniform.  Put your street clothes in your garment bag.

11:45  Uniform inspection

12:15   Finish loading truck

12:45   Board buses

1:00   Depart for Stagg

1:45   Arrive at Stagg, unload, warm up, marching, etc.

3:00  Official field warmup

4:00  EP Performs in Class A

4:15    Get out of uniform and into show shirt, HANG UP UNIFORM, get dinner, sit in the visitor’s bleachers to watch bands

6:00   Awards Ceremony for Class A, AA

6:15   Watch AAA Bands (see assignment below)

8:15   Load buses, depart for EP

8:45  Arrive at EP.  Unpack truck, hang uniform, etc.  Many hands make light work!

Rules to follow:

-No one should be at the buses unless the group is at the buses.

-When we are watching bands, students should be either in the bleachers with the group, in the restroom, or at the concession stand.

-Students are expected to be a courteous and supportive audience for ALL bands.  Don’t be “that group”.

-Students may NOT leave the campus for food or have outside food delivered to them.  Students may bring a bag dinner from home if they choose, particularly if they have specific dietary needs.

-Performance grade is based upon individual performance, preparedness (uniform inspection, etc.), punctuality, and overall behavior throughout the day.  You represent yourself, your family, your school, and your community when you attend these events.  Please act accordingly.


There are 10 bands in Class AA and AAA, including Stagg in exhibition.  For each of the 10 bands, you must include 1 specific positive comment, 1 specific constructive criticism, and 1 picture of the performance in progress.  You will upload all of the above to the assignment that will be posted in Classroom.  This is the only note-taking assignment you will have this season.

We Need Help!

Parents are needed to help with MANY different roles at this contest!  Uniform inspection, water distribution, pit equipment, bus chaperone, contest supervision, the list goes on!  If you are able to help, please contact one of the Kazin’s via email ASAP.