Homecoming Information

Happy Homecoming!

Bring BOTH Class A and Class B uniform needs to school in the morning!  (including both varieties of black socks!)

1:40   Band and guard dismiss from Block 4.  Guard, change for assembly and meet in the gym.  Band, get instruments and go up to the LRC.  Make sure you have all of your stand music for the assembly.

ASSEMBLY DRESS:  Class B show shirt for all, shorts for band, leggings/pants for guard, black socks and Drillmasters/guard shoes

1:50   Band meet in the LRC to parade hallways

2:10   Assembly

2:50  Dismissal

3:10   Meet in the south parking lot for parade lineup and warmup.

PARADE DRESS:  Class B for all (Guard – A’s have green flag, B’s have gray)

3:30   Parade stepoff

4:15 (approx.)  Put equipment away, eat dinner

5:00   Dress in Class A

5:30   Rehearsal in the parking lot/uniform inspection

6:30   Pregame (band in the stands, guard on the track)

7:00   Kickoff

The rest of the game proceeds just like last week.  Please hang up your uniform NEATLY and put all equipment away at the end of the game.

Two separate grades are entered for these performances:  one for the parade and one for the game.  Punctuality, participation and preparedness (proper uniform, etc.) all figure into the final grade.

Parents are needed to assist with water after the parade, uniform inspection, pit equipment moving, etc., before and during the game.  Please email the Kazin’s if you can help!


ALSO, tell your friends who are coming to the game that we will be passing the buckets for free will donations to the Red Cross for hurricane relief in anticipation of Florence making landfall on Friday.