Robert Morris University/Marengo Competitions


8:30  Arrive, drop off your instrument on the truck, get into uniform

9:30  Uniform Inspection, load buses

9:45  Depart for Robert Morris University

11:00  Arrive at Robert Morris, unload equipment, stretches, etc.

12:15   Official warm-up

1:00  Performance

1:15  Exit field, pack up equipment, load truck, load buses

2:15  Leave for Marengo

You will eat lunch on the bus.  Jackets should be hung up in your garment bag that is hanging on the bus window, not piled onto a seat.  Bibbers stay on.  Do not lay jackets on the seats or on the floor.  Guard should put a coat or sweatshirt on over their costume to eat lunch.

3:15  Arrive at Marengo, put on jackets and shakos, unload equipment, stretches, etc.

4:05  Move to warm-up

5:00  Performance

5:15   Pack truck, change clothes, hang uniform, get snacks

6:00  Watch bands/eat dinner.  From 6:00-7:45, the three places you can be are in the visitors’ stands with our school, the rest room, or in line at the concession stand.  If you did not complete the notes assignment at Stagg, you will see 5 of the required 10 bands here.

7:30   Drum majors report for awards

7:45   Awards

8:15   Load buses

9:45 (approx.)  Arrive back at EP, unload truck.  EVERYONE HELPS so everyone can go home sooner.


*MAKE SURE you listen to ALL instructions given throughout the day!!!  There are A LOT of moving parts to this exciting and exhausting day!

*EAT BREAKFAST.  It’s a long time before you will eat lunch in between the two contests.

*When packing your lunch, DO NOT bring things like Cheetos that will mess up your bibbers.  Bottled water is the smartest beverage.  Pack napkins or paper towels to clean your hands after you eat.

*Bring money for concessions for dinner or a bag dinner if you have dietary restrictions.  No one is allowed to leave either campus.

*Bring warm clothes for watching the evening performances.

*Band – make sure you are wearing your show shirt and shorts under your uniform

*Guard – make sure you choose proper undergarments for your uniform.

*EP wear would be great for after we perform, just make sure you have layers to stay warm!

*Always represent yourselves, your family, your school and your community with Mustang Pride.  Don’t be “that school”.


*Help is needed!!!!  Many jobs are available!!! Please come!!!!

*Robert Morris University is located at 2123 S. Goebbert Road in Arlington Heights.  Admission to the contest is $5 for adults and $3 for students and senior citizens.  Concessions are available for purchase for spectators.  (The kids will not have time to go to concessions at Robert Morris and should bring their own lunch from home.)

*Marengo High School is located at 110 Franks Road in Marengo, IL.  The entrance to the school is off route 20.  Admission to the contest is $6.00, children under 5 are free.  Concessions are available for dinner.  (The pork sandwich is a perennial favorite at Marengo.)

*Please remember to save your shout-outs for our Sounds from the Stadium concert.

*We know it’s a long way, but please chaperone or carpool and come out to support our kids!  It’s much more fun for them to perform if they have a supportive crowd!