Band Camp Spirit Days

Below are the themes for spirit days chosen by your student leadership. Fun surprises are in store for sections with 100% participation each day!

8/12-Mustang Pride

8/13-Tie Dye Day

8/14-Neon Day

8/15-Sports Day

8/19-Class Color Day ( Frosh-white, Soph-gray, jr-green, sen-black

8/20-Tacky Tourist Day

8/21-Disney Day

8/22-Throwback Thursday

8/26-USA Day

8/27-Section Color Day ( chosen by section leaders)

Remember to be smart about the weather and conscious of the dress code when making your spirit wardrobe choices.

PLEASE be sure to attend every camp day and have your music learned and MEMORIZED BEFORE camp begins. Time is short with our delayed start of classes, so every hour of rehearsal counts! Looking forward to “The World of Tomorrow!”