EP Home Football Game – 9/20

5:15 Polish Instruments/Section Leaders playing tests Stadium Jams

5:30 Dress in uniform

6:00 Section leader reports

6:05 Uniform Inspection in parking lot

6:10 Warm up/inspection/pregame runthrough in north parking lot

6:35 Move to field

6:40 Pregame

6:55 Star-Spangled Banner

7:00 Kickoff

approx. 8:00 Halftime performance

after halftime return to the stands to play cheers

after the game pack equipment/turn in plume/hang uniform/have uniform parent inspect uniform before hanging on rack


*Eat dinner before 5:00.

*Students may not eat or drink anything but water in uniform. That includes trips to the concession stand or any food delivered by friends or family.

*Students perform throughout the game. Trips to the restroom are allowed but should be taken efficiently. Students should not wander around the bleachers.

*Prep for halftime will begin at 5:00 minutes left on the 2nd quarter

*Band members stand when cheers are being played.

*Be sure to have all appropriate undergarments, socks, and shoes for performance. This includes a t-shirt with sleeves under the uniform for band members.