Home Football Game 9-30

Central Middle School Band is invited to join us for this Friday’s game against Reavis!  Please help them feel welcome!

5:45     Uniform inspection in the parking lot/Pre-game rehearsal

6:30     Pregame

7:00     Kickoff

*Color guard is encouraged to wear tights and black long sleeves under both uniforms because the weather has changed.  Jackets and sweatshirts that are OVER the uniform are strongly discouraged.  Please layer underneath.  We may or may not change into costume depending upon the weather.  That will be a game-time decision.

*EVERYONE should make sure they have their poncho with them!  The forecast does NOT look good.


    Africa Biome Project

    The marching band and the color guard have an opportunity to learn more about the areas in Africa represented by our marching show through the Africa Biome Project.  The assignment information is attached.  Please follow the link to complete the Google form by October 3rd.  The entire project is due October 21st.


    Follow this link to submit the Google form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/1YHlGfJHhnbz83_K7w4XpRVutXn2TzU21hjXKnVGOitY/edit

    If you have any questions, please see Mr. or Mrs. Kazin.

      Christmas Without Cancer 5K – Madrigals

      Itinerary for Saturday, October 1st

      Arrive at the gazebo outside the Community Center at 7:45 a.m.

      Performance from 8:15-8:45.

      Dress:  Music Changes Lives t-shirt and jeans.

      MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR MUSIC HOME WITH YOU ON FRIDAY.  You will be dismissed to go home from the Community Center before 9:00.

        Remind Instructions

        Here are the codes to sign up for Remind.  PLEASE sign up for the appropriate groups to get important updates!



          If you lose your coordinates, access them here to print a new copy.

          destination africa opener coordinates



            ILMEA Audition Help Sessions

            For those who are auditioning for ILMEA, there are a number of the local colleges that are hosting audition clinics.  Watch for additional links to be added here as more information becomes available.

            VanderCook College of Music – http://www.vandercook.edu/events/2016-ilmea-high-school-audition-master-classes/

            Elmhurst College – http://www.elmhurst.edu/music/ilmea

            St. Xavier Choir Day – http://www.sxu.edu/academics/colleges_schools/cas/dept/music/choir-prep-day.asp


              Leave with Parent Permission Form

              This form authorizes you to transport your student to or from a performance for which school transportation is provided.  This form must be completed and turned in 24 hours before the event or it will not be accepted.  Students can only leave with their own parent or guardian.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. or Mrs. Kazin

              Leave with Parent Permission Form



                At each marching band competition, the host school’s music boosters will sell “Shout-outs” to be read while the kids are setting up for their performance.  It’s an easy way for their organization to make a little extra money.  While you may think it’s a great thing to do for our kids, history has shown that it is actually detrimental to their performance.  When you have the announcer read something funny, it breaks their concentration.  Also, when there are a long list of “shout-outs” to be read, it has the same effect as “freezing the kicker” in a football game.  We will be making a donation to each booster organization to offset whatever profit they would gain.  So please do not submit shout-outs or air-grams at our competitions.  You will have an opportunity to write one and have it read at our Sounds of the Stadium Concert at the end of the season.  Thanks in advance for your support.


                  Gift Card Fundraiser

                  Attached is the information for the Music Department’s Gift Card fundraiser.  This is a program that has been successfully running through the department for three years.  Families are able to purchase gift cards from a large variety of vendors and receive a percentage back from their purchase.  Families with the most success with this fundraiser use gift cards for their regular purchases:  groceries, gas, prescriptions, etc.  You’re then getting a percentage back for money you’d already be spending.  The order form and instructions are linked below.  The next order is due Monday, October 17th.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kazin.

                  Evergreen Manna Order Form


                    Booster Wear Forms

                    Attached are order forms for Booster spirit wear.  Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Garbacz at betsygarbacz@gmail.com.

                    Evergreen Pk Flyer1

                    Evergreen Pk Flyer2