New York Trip Information

Attached are the PowerPoints and handouts from the trip meeting that took place on September 12th. Trip registration is now open! Instructions for online registration are in the handout below. TRIP REGISTRATION IS DUE BY SEPTEMBER 20TH. The first payment will not be processed until the 30th. After reviewing these documents, if you have any questions, please email the Kazin’s or Ms. P.

UPDATE: If your student earned car wash profits last May and you register by September 20th, you CAN apply those profits toward the first payment which will be debited on the 30th.

    2019-2020 Performance Calendar

    Here is the first draft of the “refrigerator memo” for 2019-2020. Updates will be made when they become available and will always be posted in red. It’ll be an exciting year!

      Parent help needed for Football Game

      Please use the link below to sign up to help at Friday’s game.

        EP Home Football Game – 9/20

        5:15 Polish Instruments/Section Leaders playing tests Stadium Jams

        5:30 Dress in uniform

        6:00 Section leader reports

        6:05 Uniform Inspection in parking lot

        6:10 Warm up/inspection/pregame runthrough in north parking lot

        6:35 Move to field

        6:40 Pregame

        6:55 Star-Spangled Banner

        7:00 Kickoff

        approx. 8:00 Halftime performance

        after halftime return to the stands to play cheers

        after the game pack equipment/turn in plume/hang uniform/have uniform parent inspect uniform before hanging on rack


        *Eat dinner before 5:00.

        *Students may not eat or drink anything but water in uniform. That includes trips to the concession stand or any food delivered by friends or family.

        *Students perform throughout the game. Trips to the restroom are allowed but should be taken efficiently. Students should not wander around the bleachers.

        *Prep for halftime will begin at 5:00 minutes left on the 2nd quarter

        *Band members stand when cheers are being played.

        *Be sure to have all appropriate undergarments, socks, and shoes for performance. This includes a t-shirt with sleeves under the uniform for band members.

          Broadway in Chicago

          For the last couple of years, the EP Drama Department has assembled groups to see shows at discounted prices downtown. These are not field trips with transporation provided; group ticket sales make professional theatrical productions more affordable for our students and their families. Attached below is the 2019-2020 season for Broadway in Chicago. If you are interested in a group outing for any of these shows, please email Mrs. Kazin by Saturday, 9/21. Group sale inquiries will be made for the most popular choices and the ones that are the most affordable will be pursued for group outings.

            CAR WASH – September 28th

            Attached is the car wash form. THIS IS THE BIGGEST FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY WE HAVE! If you collect pledges, you have to work at least half the day. A Google form to sign up for shifts will come later. You have 2 weeks to collect pledges; the car wash is on Saturday, September 28th. Instructions are included on the pledge sheet. If you have questions, please contact the Kazin’s or Ms. P.


              MANY hands are needed to help with this weekend’s activities! Here are the links to sign up:

              To sign up to help with Friday’s football game, please follow this link:


              To sign up to help with building or painting the props for the competitive show, please follow this link:


              To sign up to send breakfast food or to chaperone for U of I on Saturday, please follow this link:


                U of I Band Day Performance Student Information – 9/14


                *All band and guard students need to wear the Music Changes Lives t-shirt as their outer layer when they arrive at EP. This t-shirt, pants or shorts of your choice, and Drillmasters or guard shoes are the rehearsal uniform.

                *Students can bring snacks/breakfast on the bus for the ride down. Breakfast and snacks will be provided by the boosters after the rehearsal.

                *Students should NOT bring valuables with them other than money for lunch. School buses do not lock. Students will purchase lunch from the concession stands at Memorial Stadium; you should budget $10-15 for lunch. Outside food and drink are not allowed in Memorial Stadium.

                *Band members: folio should contain U of I music (2 songs) and Star Wars


                3:45 a.m. Arrive at EP, get uniform and instrument/equipment

                4:00 a.m. Load buses (same buses as Stagg)

                4:15 a.m. Leave for Champaign

                6:30 a.m. Arrive in Champaign, check in, head to stadium for rehearsal

                7:00 a.m. Sections rehearse with Marching Illini

                7:20 a.m. Full band rehearsal with Marching Illini for halftime performance

                8:00 a.m. Back to buses – drop off instrument/equipment, pick up breakfast from boosters, walk to Grange Grove

                8:30 a.m. Watch pregame concert at Grange Grove while eating breakfast

                9:10 a.m. Return to buses, dispose of breakfast garbage, change into Class A Uniform, pick up instrument/equipment, walk to Armory

                10:00 a.m. Parade staging at Armory

                10:15 a.m. Parade of bands from Armory to the stadium

                10:40 a.m. Enter stadium with instruments to watch the first half


                when instructed leave seats to prep for halftime performance

                after halftime Follow Mr. Kazin as a group to buses, change out of uniform in buses, head back to the stadium and reenter the game. You will need your ticket for reentry.

                *You may purchase lunch once you reenter the stadium in your street clothes during the remainder of the game. Everyone needs to be back in their seats by the time there are 4:00 minutes left in the game. Once the group reenters the stadium, NO ONE should leave the stadium FOR ANY REASON. We will leave as a group at the end of the game and head to the buses. Stay close together; there will be large crowds leaving the stadium.

                approx. 3 p.m. load buses, leave for EP

                approx. 5:30 p.m. Arrive at EP, hang up uniform, check in uniform with parent, put away equipment.

                GOAL OF TODAY’S EVENT: to see the impact that a Big 10 college marching band has on the climate of both the game and its community as a whole and how we can use that to better contribute to OUR school climate and community

                  U of I High School Band Day Tickets AND SPECTATOR INFORMATION

                  The Evergreen Park Mustang Marching Band will perform with the Marching Illini and over a dozen other Illinois high schools at halftime for the U of I football game on Saturday, September 14th at Memorial Stadium in Champaign. With close to 1000 marchers on the field, it should be quite a spectacle! The performance itinerary will be posted next week, but here is the link to purchase discounted tickets for the game.


                  You will be given the option to purchase a discounted parking pass as well when you order. Enjoy some Big 10 football and support our Mustangs!

                  PLEASE NOTE: If you are riding the bus with the students, you still need to purchase a ticket to the game. Chaperoning on the bus saves you steps (because you’ll be parked closer to the action) and the cost of the parking pass.


                  The link below has lots of information about game day at Illinois, including parking maps, seating charts, permissible items, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Memorial Stadium does have a clear bag policy. If you are carrying something other than a clear bag, you will need to check it outside the stadium. Your best bet is to travel light! Also, you’ll find very little shade, so sunscreen and hats are helpful!


                  Performance schedule:

                  8:30 a.m. Illini Drumline performs at the gate at Grange Grove (see map)

                  8:45 a.m. Full Marching Illini performs pre-game concert at Grange Grove

                  10:15 a.m. All high school bands parade with the Marching Illini from the Armory to Memorial Stadium (map attached below). Parade begins in the Armory and moves west on Gregory, turns south on 4th Street, and then west on Kirby to the South Tunnel of Memorial Stadium. Parents are free to pick a place to stand and watch, to walk along the sidewalk as the bands parade, or to skip the parade altogether and go find your seats in the stadium.

                  11:00 a.m. Kickoff after the Marching Illini’s pregame show

                  Halftime: High School Band Day performance

                  After the game: Immediately following the game, if you’re not riding the bus and haven’t had enough yet, the Marching Illini parades to the stairs of the Education building for a post-game concert. You can follow the band as they parade out of the stadium.

                  The game day performance itinerary is packed and the same for EVERY home game. We hope you’ll find it to be a pretty cool environment to be part of! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Kazin’s for more information.

                  Here is a map with the pregame parade route highlighted. (Sorry the printing is a little sloppy!)

                    DESTINATION 2020!

                    It’s official! On February 26th, the school board approved the Music Department performance tour to NEW YORK CITY for April of 2020! The tentative itinerary is attached. Please note: this is tentative and dates, performance times, and order of events are subject to change. NYC, here we come!